Post WWW Reflections

By Krishna Upadhyay

I am quite fascinated to be in Stockholm World Water Week.

“How can water issues be solved through cooperation and partnership?” This question was discussed in different plenary sessions. Many experienced ideas from the experts were supported by many innovative thinkings of the youth. It was a real platform for inter-generational discussion. Youths were asking for their position during the planning and decision making of any project. At the same time, the seniors (super-youths) were warning the youths not to make the same mistakes they made in the past.

Most of the presenters were blaming politicians for not being able to incorporate the problems seriously and not being able to decide properly. Ms. Sunita Narain, 2005 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, came up with a completely different notion. She said that politicians are not to blame–experts are, for not being able to deliver the practical solutions.

I thought that before we doing anything, we need to think twice about the impacts of our actions on others. Doing things in a collaborative way is inevitable, but this must be supported by trust, transparency and cooperation.


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