Day 6: Not a full stop but a comma or dash

By guest blogger Ling Zhong

This annual international conference attracts thousands of people from different continents for the theme of water. As a new graduate and young professional in the area of sustainable development, I would say this is a great opportunity for me to meet interesting people, listen to what the others have done, and see how diverse the groups of people are. Just as the theme of this year’s conference suggests: WATER COOPERATION – BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS, I think this conference itself, during this week and perhaps in the near future, is serving as a platform and bridge to bring possible partnerships.

I met and talked to a few senior experts in the fields of water, energy, ecology, etc. It was either inspiring or surprising. Inspired by those “old folks” with experiences and their encouragement; and sometimes surprised by very unexpected facts and knowledge that I would perhaps never know or imagine.

I also feel grateful that I have met many colourful and brilliant young people. They are high school students who have made very smart inventions to win the Junior Water Prize, passionate NGO members, versatile university students, leaders and organisers of youth events, etc. Young professionals, yes, they absolutely are.

The Princess of Sweden, Victoria, giving awards to winners of the Junior Water Prize

I hope this ending day is not a full stop but a comma or dash. Even when we have gone back to our normal daily life, we are all able to do something in our area to make our contributions to a better tomorrow in our own ways.


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