Day 4: The intergenerational panel

By Ponce Samaniego

Photo by Youngjin Kim. Copyright 2013.

During Young Professionals Day at WWW, an Inter-generational dialogue between a “young professionals panel” and an “expert panel” was convened by the Stockholm International Water Institute, Water Youth Network, and World Youth Parliament for Water.

Part of the young professionals panel were ADB Youth Partners Rozemarijn ter Horst, Prabin Rokaya, and myself while ADB’s Principal Water Resources Specialist, Ian Makin, joined the expert panel.

The two panels, sitting on opposite sides of the table, shared their thoughts on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus thinking as an approach to mainstream water management more holistically with different sectors and disciplines.

With the inter-generational dynamic at play, the dialogue proved to be one of the most exciting and engaging sessions in WWW. Controversial issues were raised by panelists and audience members, highlighting their opposing views between young and senior professionals.

It has been a very useful exercise to strengthen communication between groups that don’t always see eye to eye using an emerging concept, the WEF Nexus, as the topic. While inter-generational partnerships take time to develop, the dialogue provided a valuable platform to increase the awareness of the importance of involving youth in the different aspects of water management.


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