Day 3: Sound bites from Eye on Asia


Yolanda Kakabadse (WWF): We need to balance Asia’s wealth of human and natural capital.

Kakabadse: No one can do it alone. Through partnership, we can do better.

Khalid Mohtadullah (GWP): Treaties will only work if there is good will between the countries that are part of the treaties.

Shahriar Wahid (ICIMOD): Ecosystem services and benefit sharing mechanisms are needed between upstream and downstream communities.

Wahid: We need to Revitalize, Reinforce, Reunite, Redesign and Rebrand for effective mountain development.

Ms. Jian-hua Meng (WWF): Hydropower is renewable, potentially sustainable but threat to freshwater ecosystem.

Laila Petrie (WWF): Getting water is a fundamental right, but paying for water is also a fundamental obligation.

Petrie: Water stewardship is going beyond your own fence line.

Mr. Felix Ockborn (H&M): It’s not enough to be a clean fish in a dirty pond.



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