Day 3: ADB supports #AsianYouth to Lead the World’s Youth in preparation for 7th World Water Forum to be held in Asia

By Ponce Samaniego

With more than 20,000 delegates in attendance, the World Water Forum (WWF) is the world’s largest meeting on water. Since 1997, the World Water Council (WWC) has been organizing the WWF every three years on or around March 22nd, World Water Day. With the upcoming 7th WWF to be held in Daegu Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea in 2015, Asian youth are poised to lead young water leaders from all over the world for a water-secure future.

KWF and ADB convened youth water organizations and other stakeholders in a dialogue at SWWW 2013 last 3 September. Chaired by Dr. Park (KWF) and Mr. Thomas Panella (ADB), the meeting facilitated the process of forming a partnership between organizations such as World Youth Parliament for Water, Water Youth Network, Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water, UNEP Southeast Asia Youth Environment Network, Project WET, and the Butterfly Effect.


ADB is committed to support young Asian water leaders. The meeting was a critical step in building a global youth movement for water. The coalition between youth networks, which will be formed in the meeting, will serve as focal point for the development of a global youth declaration and the preparation of youth activities leading up to, in, and beyond the 7th WWF.


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