ADB trusts young people and believes in their potential

By Prabin Rokaya

The World Water Week kicked off on Sept. 1, 2013 at Stockholm with the theme, “Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships.” Interestingly, the ADB Water Team has partnered with five Asian youths and supported their participation.

The ADB Water Team support is not limited to participation in the event. As a part of a two-year youth program, the ADB Water Team is working with hundreds of youths and providing them a platform for policy discourse. As a result, young people are getting opportunities to get involved in present decision-making processes which will shape our present and future.

As a continuation of building the capacity of young people and preparing them for next generation leadership, five youths from different Asian countries have been supported to attend Stockholm World Water Week. This will not just provide them an opportunity to learn and gather experiences, but also provide platforms to share their issues, actively participate in meaningful discussions, and put forward youth perspectives. This is also very much important for bridging the knowledge gap between generations.

I am really grateful to the whole ADB Water Team for this opportunity, especially for trusting young people and believing in our potential.


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